2019 SciAccess Campus Housing
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SciAccess –Housing at The Ohio State University on June 28 and 29, 2019.

This registration is only for those wanting to stay overnight on Ohio State's campus.  For the conference schedule and conference registration, please visit SciAccess.org. 

Please fill out this registration and submit payment to reserve one of the 50 on-campus residence hall rooms available for SciAccess. Check-in time is 4pm on your day of arrival and check-out time is 10am on your day of departure. We recommend arriving the evening of Thursday, June 27, and departing the morning of Sunday, June 30. 

All buildings are air-conditioned. They are located on Ohio State's north campus. The exact building will not be determined until early June. All of the building options, however, have a room layout that is similar to the Blackburn House: https://housing.osu.edu/roomsearch/blackburn-house. They will also be in this same general area of campus. Bathrooms are communal style and will be located down the hall. For a 3D virtual walkthrough of a sample room in the Blackburn House, visit https://housing.osu.edu/vr360.aspx?roomtype=189 

A single room costs $80 per night. Adults may also chose to share a 2-bedroom dorm at the rate of $40 per person. If you wish to room with a specific person, be sure that both of you indicate one another as the desired roommate in your form. Otherwise, those who select the Double option will be randomly assigned a roommate.

Form submission and payment must be completed by June 15. 


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Friday, June 28, 2019 - Saturday, June 29, 2019